This website is a free of charge service for direct work with smart contracts of the FundCoin Community that helps to interact with them. The website is exclusively of informational nature. The website does not accumulate and store funds. The website is not an operational centre of FundCoin, it does not operate smart contracts of the FundCoin Community.

The website presents all information on the FundCoin Community and how smart contracts work, their algorithms, and rules of communication between the participants. The website is created for the ease in understanding and interacting with the smart contracts, assistance in working with smart contracts.

Anybody can interact with smart contracts of the FundCoin Community directly without the use of the website.

Algorithm of the smart contract is decentralised; it is not operated by anyone. All operations with the funds with the use of the smart contract are p2p-made. There are no persons collecting the funds.

Availability of the website

While the FundCoin Community shall endeavour to make this website available at all times for the guidance and assistance in interaction with the smart contracts, we will not be liable if, for any reason, the website is unavailable for any period of time. Access to the website may be suspended at any time without prior written notice of users.


The FundCoin Community holds the right to review conditions and terms on the website by updating them. Any such updates cover users.


The FundCoin Community will not be liable for any losses arising in relation to the contents of the website, information on the website, consequences of actions or decisions taken as a result of an access to the website or use of the website.

Despite the FundCoin Community undertakes reasonable measures for the accuracy and relevancy of the contents, it will not be liable for the actions of persons or organisations directly or otherwise taken on the basis of information on the website or received from the website.

The website and its contents are provided as “it is”, without any guarantees, expressed or implied, and the FundCoin Community does not give assurances or guarantees in regards of the website and its contents, including, without limitation, (i) in regards of the promptness, relevancy, completeness, fullness, accuracy, availability or fitness for a particular purpose of the website and its contents, (ii) that there will be no omissions in the operation of the website and that it will be safe and uninterruptable, (iii) that the FundCoin Community will correct any mistakes or the website will be free of viruses and other malware, and (iv) that the website and its content do not infringe rights of third parties.

The FundCoin Community waives from any assurances and guarantees granting of which may be implied and is not liable for the website, its content and use of the website.

The information and materials on this website comprise views and expertise of the FundCoin Community; these do not provide financial or legal advice.

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